12,000 indigenous families need your help to provide food 90

We are a non profit group led by a group of young people from the Arhuaco tribe from the Sierra Nevada Region of Santa Marta in Colombia, with the goal of generating funds for programs, projects that can create social change for the Arhuaco nation. The independence of the town is based in the conservation of ancient customs, like the fraternity held with the environment, the creation of harmony by means of spiritual practice and strengthening their culture. The reason for this foundation is to create community action like land purchases, the support of business initiatives, aid in humanitarian relief and contribute to the vulnerable population of the Arhuacos.

Because the WHO and the Colombian government declared a state of emergency to fight Covid 19, self isolation measures have been ínstated that have forced the economy and local Arhuaco businesses to close. As a consequence, the community was forced to offer their indigenous products for sale to reactivate the local economy and have designated 10% of the sales to humanitarian relief with the help of the Fundación Chipiri in coordination with the Associacion de ……… to help more than 12,000 families during this vulnerable time.

This will offer a positive impact on the population that can help the economy establish itself and protect the population during the pandemic, and with your help we can preserve life and not just people, and with this a lot of families can stay at home thanks to your help and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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