Yorenka Tasorentsi and Benki Piyãko Internet Fund 95

With the mission of rediscovering ancient and unveiling new technologies, PAWA is partnering with the Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute, founded by the Ashaninka indigenous leader Benki Piyāko.  https://www.pawa.life/

Benki and his team are working hard to counter deforestation by planting acres and acres of land and this is why we would like to keep the world connected with every action that is being undertaken. By installing satellite internet at the center, we will not only be able to hear Benki’s words but also learn more about the Ashaninka heritage and the wisdom that lies within the Amazon Forest.

“As the world listens to the messages that indigenous people send from all around the world, we have been more aware of how interlinked we are to one another and to nature. The challenge we face now with COVID-19 also reinforces the importance of those connections, encouraging us to find alternative ways to connect to other beings. The internet is a great enabler letting us see beautiful and powerful initiatives worldwide. Humanity is reinventing itself and our goal is to ensure that Benki and the Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute have the equipment they need to broadcast their message to the world.”

No donation is too small and every share counts, please spread the word to help Benki and our friends in the Amazon  The costs to install the satellite equipment  and maintain internet connection are:

1 year = $2800
2 years= $4600
4 years= $8100


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