DOCUMENTARY: Heart of Heaven, Heart of the Earth (Guatemala)

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A documentary by Frauke Sandig and Enrico Black, 98 min.

The documentary accompanies six young Maya in their daily lives, their ceremonies and their resistance to the dangers that lurk in their culture and surroundings. He tells his stories that are not only personal and endearing, but constantly immerse themselves in universal themes.

100 film festivals, 15 awards


How will the story end? Will the oceans overflow?

Will the sky crumble over our heads, when the last tree has been cut? In their calendar, the Maya did not describe a prophecy, but the end of a cycle.

Apparently all this has nothing to do with our culture or our way of understanding the world, but it has resonances in reality that we know and fear: our fragile planet and with it all life is destroyed at breakneck speed, while we barely do nothing to stop that process.

The end of the Mayan calendar is already part of our media mythology. But to get to the bottom of our miseries, there is no need to go to esotericism. The homeland of the current nearly nine million Maya in Mexico and Guatemala is a perfect microcosm to show how unbridled globalization destroys the Earth and indigenous peoples with drastic consequences for all of us.

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