Urgent support for Comcaac Community, Punta Chueca, Sonora 88

Photo by Abraham Juarez

Message from the Council of Elders of the Comcaac Community, Punta Chueca, Sonora

To the entire Community:

We extend a greeting hoping to reach your hearts.

We the Comcaac People, an indigenous community that is divided into two towns: Punta Chueca and Desemboque de los Seris; with approximately 1,100 habitants in total. We subsist by hunting, gathering and handcrafts. We are deeply linked to nature and depend directly on it. Also, we depend on the tourists who come to get to know our town, to whom we sell our tourist services and our art.

Since the government’s declaration on health emergency COVID-19, the roads have been closed, not allowing the arrival of tourists, closing businesses, leaving us without funds for gasoline, fishing has also been completely stopped. Our entire economy collapsed, and if it were not enough, we are facing a season of severe drought. Food and water shortages have reached a critical point.

We ask for humanitarian support, so that we can fulfil the basic needs of our families. We need to have a good diet to keep our immune defenses high, and thus not be vulnerable to this disease.

We are with you in prayers for our planet, and the beings that live in it. We are certain that we will overcome this situation, with a greater consciousness and a stronger spirit. We are left with beautiful life lessons of the heart. In order to get everyone safely through this situation, it is necessary to do it together.

DONATE VIA PAYPAL Camautut.butbutbut@gmail.com

+52 (662) 424 81 84 (only WhatsApp), with Úrsula Sefic.

Contact 2: Ezequiel Félix Segovia, only WhatsApp +52 (477) 806 43 39.

External liaison volunteer: Liz Carrera, WhatsApp and calls +52 (462) 169 61 55.

Enrique Robles Barnett

Comcaac Elder Council President

16 April 2020


Photo: Thelma Pérez Astorga

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