Support Huwã Karu Yuxibu Center. Huni Kuin Center, Acre, Brazil 70

Dear Friends,

We are all going through a difficult time in the face of this worldwide pandemic, it brings us the need for reflection, to go back inside and see behind our shadows. Slow down is one of the messages, however, the main one of all is about the individual capacity for social responsibility for the welfare of the collective, so everyone who can stay at home and follow the guidelines of hygiene and social isolation indicated by WHO. The Huwã Karu Yuxibu Center had to close its doors to visitation, to carry out cultural and spiritual activities.

The main leaders of the Center, Mapu and Bismani Huni Kuin canceled all their agendas with this, the main ways of raising funds for maintaining the space and the families that are the guardians of this house are now stopped like most of us. We came before everyone to seek support from the fellowship for the minimum maintenance of space and guardian families. Only solidarity with others will help all of us to go through this worldwide pandemic.

The goal is to raise the total amount of US 2.370,34 , as the monthly expense is around US $ 779.84. The funds raised will be used for the maintenance of the 5 families who live in the Huwã Karu Yuxibu Center, with a total of 21 people at this time, including men, women, children, adolescents and the elderly to pay for food, hygiene materials, fuel, transport, gas, repairs. the water circuit breaker (part that turns on and off) from the artesian well, rural telephone, among others. . Brothers who can collaborate with us can donate any amount to the account of Mirna Rosário, cultural producer, our advisor and co-founder of the Huwã Karu Yuxibu Center together with Mapu Huni Kuin.



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