House of Knowledge (Colombia) 81

Project: House of Thoughts, A search for donations. A council of wise elders, members or people following the path of the indigenous, and cooperating and supporting (mestizos), in interaction with the community Panche in Sasaima Cundinamarca and represented by the spiritual authority Lorenzo Izquierdo Arroyo of ethnicity Arahuaco, what to through this document express a need to acquire land that has a purpose of great importance to the congregation of the leaders of different native peoples of our country, Colombia, sharing the broad vision of the work it has been carried out in recent years of purification and healing of the 9 snowy peaks of our country, a process that has allowed integration and fellowshipping between various native communities and the reaching of a united conclusion , which is the healing of Mother Earth and the conservation and expansion of indigenous peoples memories (cultures), memories that have an indispensable value for humans and the natural balance that is so sought after at these times.

The work of purification of the 9 snow peaks, consisting in the following sacred places: the Sierra Nevada Cocuy Nevado del Ruiz, Nevado del Tolima, Nevado del Huila, Purace and Massif Colombia, Galeras, Azufral, Chiles and Cumbal, has chosen the territory of Sasaima as the epicenter for leaders and community representatives can meet in the council of elders in order and advance and integrate the processes of each village with spiritual purposes that contribute to the land and that allow the knowledge of each community to be shared and thus ensure lasting ancestral consciousness and thought. From the moment of the visualization to integrate the communities, by the closeness to the Colombian capital and the characteristics of the territory, Sasaima has been the place that has hosted all this process. Through spiritual consultations the ideal place have been envisioned for constructing in the ancestral way two Malokas (communal houses for gathering) for integration of men and women, where the sacred meeting house of CAAENOC should be raised, and where to gestate the growth for all established purposes. The place envisioned is at the present moment in the care of Mamo Lorenzo Izquierdo, who lives there with his family under the condition of a promise to purchase to the current owners of the land. In this sacred place took place during the beginning of 2016 the first meeting attended by 57 ethnic groups who are committed to the purpose that unites them. The purchase of the estate registered under the name of Poma Rosal consists of 5 hectares and has a cost of $ 150,000,000 million in Colombian pesos (50 000 EURO) and we are soon reaching the time of the promise to purchase, this is why We feel the need to express the situation to make request for assistance to the interested entities or which are intended to support indigenous processes of a cultural and ancestral order. Making this request on behalf of Mamo Lorenzo who is part of the base council of elders, the Panche community represented by the legal body F.A.P.I Foundation Ansaneyri Panche Ima and the organization CAAENOC we give thanks to those who can contribute to this cause that allows the law of origin to continue living so that the memory of Mother Earth will continue to protect and grow, so that native communities integrate and conform a unit that allows this cultural heritage to endure, Clarifying that this space is open to all those beings who feel to be part of this integration, without distinction of race, creed or differences of human nature, understanding the unanimity of mother earth in which we all live

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