ANIMATION: Takutzi Nakawe (Mexico)

Watacame the first human, witnesses the renovation of the planet and the creation of the present era by Takutzi Nakawe´s (Grandmother Rain) side, she is responsible of unleashing the gods pilgrimage, a long this pilgrimage the gods are searching for the place that corresponds to each one, once they find their place, they will bring it to life and that way they will turn this places into the sacred spots that the Huichol people worship.

During this epic pilgrimage the gods run into Tatewari, The Grandfather Fire, who commands them to search for a left-handed child, who will give life to the sun, when they find him, this child knows his destiny and embraces it gladly. When presented before the Grandfather Fire, he guides him through a brief dance saluting the four cardinal points, he enters the fire and shortly behind the Quemado mountain, the sun rises for the first time, illuminating the entire planet and fertilizing the seed of life, giving birth to all the animal and plant species that habitat the earth.

Once the sun is created, Tziku Mayuwi, Watacame´s companion a black female dog, turns into the first woman, completing the couple for good.

Once the pilgrimage comes to its end, Takutzi Nakawe commands Watacame to cherish and honor the sacred places where the gods stayed, this way these places bring equilibrium and health to the entire creation.

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