“The Voice of the Earth”- Message from the Arhuaco Mamos (Spiritual Leaders) in times of Covid-19   86

Translated by Teodora C. Hasegan

“For more than 3,000 years, we as an indigenous community have been living in our territory where our ancestors, our grandparents, have worked for millennia, so that we who are currently here, can set an example of life.”

“The human being must pay a spiritual tax, so that there is balance in nature, between ourselves and everything that exists. That is why we make the payment, so that Our Mother can take care of us. We cannot have our Mother sick, because she is the one who feeds us every day, otherwise we can also get sick.”

“We the humanity have destroyed the Earth. We have reached a limit and our Mother is already tired. And she tells us: stay in a minute of silence so you can listen to me. If we do not reconcile with our Mother and with our Father, if we don’t become more caring, more humane, with our environment, with our country, with our family, with our friends, we cannot hope for a better world.”

“Our responsibility as human beings on this earth, our mission in our territory, is to make this payment and to respect all forms of life, starting with the ant. We who eat animals must understand that these animals have an owner and it is our duty to thank it and care for it.”

“It is important to take care of all the minerals that the earth contains. It is important that the human being takes care of the earth, because these minerals represent energy, they are the source of life for our Mother. Just as our bodies contain different organs, Mother Earth is made up of all these minerals. And if we do not take care of these minerals, the human being will be affected because our Mother is also affected.”

“It is important to reach these crisis points, so that there is a change, so that there is reflection. Everything that is currently happening worldwide is a message for us so that we can understand ourselves, to really create that capacity to communicate with each other, and to understand that we must take care of our Mother. It is important to make these payments and take care of the land, so that we can focus and achieve a balance in humanity, and a good understanding of one another. We as human beings have been given this mission to fulfill. But right now, this law of our Father is not being obeyed. We have arrived at this point because of all the injustices in the territory, because of all the disasters that we cause.”

“Regarding what is happening worldwide, we believe that our Father and our Mother are calling us to this spiritual gathering. Because we are not taking care of the essential things of what they have left us to take care of. If we don’t take care of our Mother, how will our Mother treat us? If we don’t reconcile, understand each other, how are we going to establish order? Our Father instructed us all to be guardians of the world. To be all good hosts who take good care of the territory. But we are not managing well all the wealth that our Mother has. We the indigenous community have been delivered this territory of the Sierra Nevada for us to take care. This territory has connections to different parts of the world. Here is the origin of everything that has been created in the world. In this territory there are minerals and hills that represent all the other parts of the world. We have come to transmit this message to the whole community. For our Father, and for our Mother, the hills, the sites, and the mountains represent the Sacred House. We must take care of this House. Here we call it the House of Thought.”

“It is important what we think. What the hills and the mountains represent for us. Each mountain has a function. And those functions play a role for the good of humanity. The humanity needs that connection to everything that exists, with the hills, and with the water. In this world, in these times, the following happens: our ‘younger brothers’, who are the non-indigenous (white men), are digging the ground. They are plundering all the minerals that the Earth has. This imbalance and misunderstanding affect the human being. The ‘younger brothers’ are the ones who dig the land and deplete it. We are making this invitation to the community to start looking for the essence in ourselves, our identity as people and the connection to the Earth.”

“For this reason, it is important what we say here in our environment. All the moments that we have represent our tools to connect with one another.”

“Everything that exists physically, everything that is in the material world, also exists spiritually, and so there are points that should be healed. There are spiritual hospitals, there are spiritual doctors, this is why we must connect spiritually with them, so that we heal spiritually. This is the reason why we have connections for each point that has a function. For any symptom in our body, there is a point where we must connect and make payment. So that our Mother can feel free, and for our Mother to say, ‘my son is indulging me, my son is taking care of me’.”

“How should we take care of them? In this land, the world is well-organized. We are here in the Sierra Nevada, with the purpose of really making ourselves known to accomplish this mission, which is to transmit this important spiritual knowledge, so that the interested people can connect with the earth and can connect with the Father.”

“What can happen if we do not take care of this ancient culture? If we don’t take care of this law of origin that it was left to each one of us, to each nation, to each people? If we neglect our Father and our Mother, the ancestors, in order to remind us of our essence we will have to turn and return to where we were born, to our essence, to our roots. This is why it is important to recognize where we come from and who we are in order for us to be able to connect with our Mother and with our Father.”

“We cannot be divided on this mission to live, interact and create a bond of communication that allows us to be more purposeful, more visionary in how to become better humans. The Arhuaco community has been fighting for their territories. In the past our territories belonged to us. But during the conquest there was a pandemic and genocide against the indigenous community. In those times we lost a lot of our territory. So now we are healing ourselves and our territory. 500 years ago invaders came and destroyed nature. Now is when the Mother asks us to do our part. The way to do this is caring for the Earth, getting rid of companies that do not serve a good purpose, principle, for humanity.”

“We can really connect to each other so that our Mother defends us in all aspects: diseases, circumstances or personal issues. We will free the Sierra, we will really heal our Mother when we really reunite with ourselves. So we must take care of the spiritual connection points. We have to have balance with our land.”

“The Earth is full of negative feelings, of thoughts that lead us to destruction.

But we must entrust ourselves in Father Hope. The creator of all things, so that he may recognize us. But how should that be done? He will recognize us and get rid of all our diseases, as long as we are also healing the territory.”

“It is important to us to have these moments to connect with you. For us it is difficult to translate this message from our language into Spanish. So it is not translated, it is interpreted.”

More about the Arhuacos:  https://www.survivalinternational.org/tribes/sierraindians

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