Sacred Earth: Indigenous Wisdom for Earth Restoration 3

We are currently living through a time of accelerated environmental collapse. The global economic system has caused rising emissions of greenhouse gases that are thought to be the main cause of global climate change. What is the role of indigenous people in reversing and preventing environmental collapse? Is it possible to prevent further damage and begin a process of Earth restoration?  

Indigenous wisdom is not a thing of the past. The knowledge and wisdom of Indigenous people is very much alive today and may be the key for the survival of humanity. What are some of the key teachings and experiences of Indigenous leaders today that can help indigenous, rural and urban communities strive forward into the future? How can ancestral legacy help us as humanity to create a planetary future in balance with Mother Earth?

We would like to invite you on a six-week journey into Indigenous Ecology, where we will explore and answer some of these questions.

Every Thursday starting October 14th at 10:22am PST 🇺🇸/ 12:22pm CT 🇲🇽(Col/Mex) 🇨🇴 / 2:22pm EST / 7:22pm CET 🇪🇺
Grandmother Mona Ann Polacca, Ilarion Kuuyux Merculieff, Ati Quigua, Cheryl Angel, Alex Isidro Lucitante Criollo , Drupon Lama Dorje





33% of proceeds from the program will be donated to Alianza Ceibo, an indigenous-led Ecuadorian non-profit working towards the defense of indigenous territory, cultural survival, and the building of viable solutions-based alternatives to rainforest destruction.

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