Book: Defend the Sacred. If life wins, their will be no loosers 84

“Diversity among people creates peace. Diversity in nature creates sustainability.”

Ati Quigua, Arhuaco tribe, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

There are just a few seconds left until midnight. The foundations of our planetary life system are under extreme threat: the purity of water and air, the abundance of life in the oceans, the balance of the climate, the existence of forests, the diversity of ecosystems, and above all, the presence of love and solidarity among human beings.

This book features women and men from all over the world who, despite everything, do not give up. They build autonomous communities, create livelihoods for whole regions, fight against the destruction of forests and the construction of dams, work for the restoration of natural cycles, green deserts and make soil fertile again. They turn slums into ecological neighbourhoods, create new school systems, refuse to believe in the concept of enemies, develop global peace strategies and build social systems for the healing of love.

They know that we can only master the challenges of our times when we unite. It’s only by standing together that we’ll be able to defend what lives, what is sacred, both inside and outside ourselves. Defend the Sacred!

Their contributions testify to a power which is in the hearts of all people. The main aim of this book is to awaken and strengthen this power in more and more people around the world.

With contributions from:

Ladonna Brave Bull Allard, USA
Sami Awad, Palestine
Gigi Coyle, USA
Salim Dara, Benin
Charles Eisenstein, USA
Dave Hakkens, Netherlands
Hovan Ibrahim, Rojava/Syria
Alnoor Ladha, Canada
Rabbi Michael Lerner, USA
Sabine Lichtenfels, Germany
Pat McCabe, USA
Claudio Miranda, Brazil
Philip Munyasia, Kenya
Joshua Konankoh Ngwa, Cameroon
Claudine Nierth, Germany
John Quigley, USA
Ati Quigua, Colombia
Rajendra Singh, India
Heini Staudinger, Austria
Vlado Zaujec, Slovakia
and more…

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Defend the Sacred: If Life Wins, There Will Be No Losers








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