MUSIC VIDEO: Semilla Universo. La Maraka (((Resonating Seeds))) (Colombia)

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..: one song, 30 artists, 5 directors, one prayer :..

This is a loving mobilization that seeks to resonate in hearts the memory of seeds as the source of our existence.


The seeds in our hands are a legacy that has been sustained by our peoples of origin, peasants and peasants, seed guardians, humanity feeders and biodiversity sowers.

We thank Mother Earth, the forest people, the water people, the mountain people, the bird people, the ant people…. families with which we share the natural cycle of life and this gift of being alive.


La Maraka Collective

(((resonating seeds)))

We are a collective of artists who seek to sow awareness by seed and food through art. From Colombia to the world with a lot of love.

Artivists for the Seed )))


Leading voices: Solar Butterfly, Carolina Muñoz, Daniel Roa (Animal Collective), Catalina García (Monsieur Periné), Oscar Correa (The Hall Effect), Ilona, Camila Rivera (Animal Collective), Dib Hadra (Zero Es One), Victoria Sur, David Jaramillo (Dr. Krápula), Natalia Bedoya, Big Mancilla (Pulenta), Mario Cantor (Che Guerrero), Prayer: Taita Crispín.

Vocals choirs: Mary Hellen, Tatiana Latorre, Tatiana Samper, Alejandra Alvarez, Dennise Dueñas, Carlos Polanía, Alejandro Laserna, Alejandro Calle, Patricio Ramírez.

Children: Mayna Builes, Isabela Ferrer, Santiago Ferrer, Balam Buitrago, SaraMitú Buitrago, Abigail Rico, Gaitana and Salvador Gittin, Luciano Vega.

Instruments: Daniel Roa (cabaquinho, Rhodes, bass and programming), John Jairo Pantoja (charango), Hernán Londoño (guitars) Gabriel Bass (kora) Hector Buitrago (yapurutu), Pernett (gaitas), Tato Carrasquilla (guitars), Pedro Ojeda (percussion), Camila Rivera (drum), Solar Butterfly (seeds), Nicolás Ospina (harmonics), DJ (freshons),

Music production and mixing: Daniel Roa (Soundlab Group)

Sound Engineer: Oscar Muñoz

Mastering: Felipe Lopez

Directorate-General: Camila Rivera

Lyrics and Music: Camila Rivera, Daniel Roa

Video Realization:


Luis Fernando Barbosa (Audiovisual Remedies),

Augusto Caro and Jaime Barbosa (Amplified TV)

Federico Pardo (Tropico Media)

Angelo Forero, Mauricio Iragorri

Carlos Camacho, Gabriel Monsalve (Spain)

Support cameras: Laura Gómez Unda

Editing: Hanz Rippe, Augusto Caro

Animation credits: Camilo Sánchez

Illustration: Alejandra Suarez

La Maraka management team:

Camila Rivera, Solar Butterfly, Dennise Dueñas, Pedro Tosín, Dib Hadra, Venuz White, Alejandra Suarez, Carolina Prado, Daniel Roa, Tatiana Latorre.

Design and image:

Dib Hadra, Camila Rivera, Venuz White, Alejandra Suarez.


Granny Matilde, Taita Crispín, Wibi Pale Luz, Alex Sastoque, Sergio Pérez, Amaranto Botero, Diana Rico, María García, María Gamboa (20Water), Pedro Medina (I Believe in Colombia), Felipe Medina, Laura Gómez Unda, David Bernal (The Leading Sheep), Agroecological Farm Mutualitos, Mhuysqa Community of Sesquilé, Canto al Agua, Elisabeth Vollert,

For more information:

twitter: @la_maraka

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