Voices of Amerikua featured in new album 79

We are living in some powerful times, with many different perspectives on what is happening and where we are going as a planet.

Beautiful Mystery is a calling to humanity, to embrace the unknown as beautiful, powerful and benevolent. It’s the framework that the direction we are going in can be what we choose it to be. That we can co-create together, as a greater community, guided by something much larger than ourselves.

This a prayer for humanity to open its heart wider and embrace the global village. This is a prayer for our greater tribe of earth stewards to rise up and lead the way home. This a prayer for the deepest honoring and protection of the sacred. This is a prayer for universal harmony & the great remembrance to sweep across the earth.

Many of these songs could have been birthed out of standing rock, yet were sewn over the last 3.5 years. Arriving in divine timing to continue to tell the story of our greater movement and support the rise of the peaceful warrior nation. May all who hold the earth as sacred come together in unity. May we stand as one people. May the prophecies be fulfilled. May we return to the one world tree that Black Elk spoke of and enter into the beautiful mystery…


85% of this album’s songs were originally conceived when I was in my last project Suns of the Earth (ALOKA, Elah Scott & Duke Mushroom aka Tete Bero). I want to acknowledge these beautiful medicine brothers for being part of a profound chapter in this unfolding story, as original co-creators of these songs; as we release the old, and fully birth the new out into the world.

Deep bows to all of you change makers, artists & way showers out there doing the good work and contributing to making this world a better place. I see you, I honor you, I walk with you, I love you and I support you.

Recorded in 432HZ the pulse of Mother Earth
Suggested donation $13, give what you can or get it for free (limited downloads each month)

:: This is for the next seven generations >>
:: Mini Wiconi ~ Aqua de Vida ::
<> For all my relations <>


released July 11, 2017

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